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    BREAKING NEWS: Bored Ape Owner Files $1M Lawsuit Against OpenSea Over 'Stolen' NFT.

    A Texas man is suing OpenSea over an exploit that saw high value NFTs, including his Bored Ape, sold for a fraction of their cost. Read full article here.

Best Wallet for iOs.

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Best Wallet for iOs.

Post by jamesj »

Which is the best wallet for iOs? Are all wallets compatible with iOs or should we use any particular wallet for iOs?

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Re: Best Wallet for iOs.

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If you own an Apple phone, you can choose to store Bitcoin in an iOS wallet. But it is not recommended to to store large values of cryptocurrencies there indefinitely. Coinbase wallet,Guarda Wallet and Ledger Nano X is a best wallets for iOs. Ledger Nano X would be expensive when compare to others and Guarda Wallet will be useful for the proficient users. Whereas Coinbase Wallet would be perfect for the beginners.
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